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JivoChat Live Chat is the best WordPress Live Chat Plugin that allows you to quickly set up an instant connection with your website visitors. Communicate in real-time, boost conversions and increase your customer satisfaction with the world’s leading chatbot technology.
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JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress: A Comprehensive Review

JivoChat Live Chat is a popular WordPress plugin used to incorporate live chat capabilities into a website. This real-time communication tool helps website owners to support their customers more efficiently and provide assistance in a timely manner. With JivoChat Live Chat, businesses can stay connected to their customers no matter where they are. The plugin also allows users to provide customer service in multiple languages, which can be conveniently switched between when needed.

JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress: Breakdown

All you need is JivoChat to manage all the communication channels you have from a single application efficiently.

JivoChat Live Chat is a high quality plugin, offering website owners a range of features to help them engage with their customers more effectively. In addition, it provides an easy to use platform for businesses to have a two-way conversation with their customers. Firstly, it enables customers to get in touch through various channels such as web chat, online forms, or phone. The plugin also allows website owners to view customer information in real time, greatly simplifying the interaction process.

JivoChat Live Chat also offers analytic features that can be used to track customer behavior. This helps website owners get a better understanding of their customers’ needs and interests, which can be very useful in finding new opportunities. The plugin also provides an automated welcome message feature that can be used to greet visitors as soon as they land on the website. This helps to reduce customer service response time and create a positive user experience.

In terms of customer management, JivoChat Live Chat also offers features that allow website owners to segment customer inquiries into different categories and assign staff to handle them. This streamlines the customer service process and ensures that each inquiry is promptly answered. Furthermore, the plugin allows website owners to monitor customer interactions in real time, ensuring that the website is running smoothly.

Pros of Using JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress

Easy Setup and Rapid Deployment: Set up JivoChat to instantly connect with users visiting your website with just a few clicks. This rapid deployment can drastically accelerate conversions and result in higher profits. It is highly customizable and requires no coding. This makes it easy to quickly create your own custom live chat interface that helps visitors and customers quickly find the answers they need.

Seamless Integration: JivoChat seamlessly integrates with popular software like MailChimp, Zendesk, Wordpress, and Magento – creating an efficient workflow when customer queries and data are synced between them. Additionally, it supports multiple languages, giving users access to a global customer base. Weather on computers, phones, or tablets, the plugin is designed to look great with any device or browser.

Rich Chat Features: JivoChat comes with a full set of features that make it easy to tailor your customer service strategies. It allows agents to send automated messages to customers when they visit your website, proactively contact them in real-time, and even access customer data like previous purchase history in order to provide a better service. Additionally, it has a variety of analytics tools, including tracking incoming and outgoing messages for a better insight into customer behavior and trends.

Convenient and Secure Messaging Platform: JivoChat is designed to keep customer conversations secure. It encrypts all messages and data to protect customer privacy. Additionally, it supports convenient features such as chatbot connections and video calls for more comprehensive customer service experiences. All these features are streamlined so that they can be accessed from a single platform, helping businesses keep their customer service process organized and effective.

Multi-Channel Support: The plugin offers multi-channel support, so businesses can use it to communicate with customers through live chat, social media, and even email. This makes it easy to provide customers with a comprehensive service experience. Additionally, it can be used to help extend your reach by integrating with chatbot services like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Facebook Messenger – giving you the chance to reach out to a wide range of customers from multiple channels.

Cons of Using JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress

Availability of customer service team: JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress can provide quick customer support in chat rooms, but customers can only get assistance if the customer service team is available. If there's no team available during the time when the customer needs help, they'll have to wait until the team becomes available to solve their problem.

Price: JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress is an plugin offered at price plans that may not fit the budgets of all customers. Furthermore, users may need to add more features and abilities to the plugin, which can rapidly increase the total price of the plugin.

Restrictions: The JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress has certain technical restrictions associated with its use. These restrictions may limit the number of customers who can join a chat room, as well as the length of conversations that can take place.

Compatibility: The JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress can be used with some of the most popular WordPress themes, but there may be restrictions when using it with other themes or plugins. Additionally, some of the features may not work properly with some web browsers.

Security: The JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress may not provide the same level of data security and encryption as the more dedicated services. Plus, since the plugin is hosted on WordPress, users may be putting their data at risk if the platform is not properly secured.

100% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

JivoChat Live Chat is a great plugin that offers website owners a range of features to help them communicate with their customers more effectively. It allows customers to get in touch with a business via various channels and analyze customer interactions in real time. Additionally, it provides automated welcome messages, customer segmentation, and staff assignment features. In short, JivoChat Live Chat is the perfect WP live chat plugin for WordPress users looking for a reliable and efficient customer engagement solution.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version:
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 30,000+
  • WP Version: 3.0.1+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Frontline Customer Support
    JivoChat Live Chat is the perfect solution for providing quick, well-informed, customer support. With a click of a button, customers can initiate a chat with a service representative, who can provide helpful answers or direct the user to the right resources or processes. The plugin also includes features like file sharing, automated triggers, and detailed analytics to track who is reaching out and what customers need.
  • Personalized Offers and Recommendations
  • Secure Transactions
  • Real-Time Ticket Tracking
  • Gather Insights and Create Rich Profiles
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