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IP2Location Country Blocker is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows for easy country-level blocking of content and resources. Easily customize granular restrictions by user role or IP address, and add personalized messages for blocked visitors.
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IP2Location Country Blocker: A Comprehensive Review

Keeping a website secure is a paramount concern for webmasters. Hackers and malicious software are constantly looking to gain access to websites to steal data, place malicious links, or distribute malware. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, but it too can be susceptible to attack unless the proper security measures are taken. IP2Location Country Blocker is a WordPress plugin that helps to protect WordPress sites from being targeted and hacked by malicious users.

IP2Location Country Blocker: Breakdown

<strong>Country lookup by ip address</strong> - Allow you to perform country lookup by entering a IP address.

IP2Location Country Blocker helps protect WordPress by blocking certain IP addresses or specific countries from accessing a website. It works by running a check to determine the location of the user attempting to access the site, and if they are not from a whitelisted country then they will not be able to gain access. The plugin works by creating a geo-blocked access control list which contains a list of IP addresses and countries to block. Each address or country can be manually blocked or whitelisted from visitor access.

In addition to blocking certain IP addresses or countries, IP2Location Country Blocker also provides detailed information on the blocked user, such as the country, region, city, postal code, latitude/longitude, and time zone. This helps protect the website by providing extra information about the blocked user that can help in detecting malicious activity.

IP2Location Country Blocker also provides a feature called “Country Alert”. This feature monitors the website traffic and sends notifications if there is suspicious activity detected. This feature is especially useful for websites that are vulnerable to DDoS attacks or other forms of malicious activities. It also uses “Fraud Score” to rate the level of suspicious activity for each blocked user, making it easier for webmasters to take the appropriate action.

IP2Location Country Blocker is an easy to install and use plugin, which requires no coding or technical knowledge. It is compatible with all major hosting providers, and it is very secure as it uses a secure encrypted connection for communication. It also allows for multiple user accounts and multiple websites to be blocked, making it easy for webmasters to manage their sites.

Pros of Using IP2Location Country Blocker

Increased Security: IP2Location Country Blocker provides a layer of security to WordPress websites by blocking visitors from unwanted countries. This helps reduce the risk of malicious activities such as data theft and hacker attacks. Additionally, it helps prevent spam, fraud, and other malicious activities such as DDoS attacks.

Customizable Options: IP2Location Country Blocker provides administrators with a range of options to customize their blocking rules. Block certain countries or regions, list of IPs, or specific range of IPs. Whichever settings administrators choose, it will help ensure that only trusted visitors are allowed to access the website.

Easy Installation and Setup: IP2Location Country Blocker has a user-friendly setup process that is quick and painless. Simply download the plugin, install it, and set up the block list. IP2Location Country Blocker also helps ensure that the settings are applied to the WordPress website in no time.

Regular Database Updates: The plugin relies on the IP2Location database for its block list. This database is regularly updated and provides up to date locations of visitors, ensuring that admins will always have an accurate block list that is up to date.

Multiple Use Cases: IP2Location Country Blocker can be used in a variety of ways. From blocking malicious countries to keeping unwanted visitors out, this plugin provides administrators with a wide range of options to ensure their WordPress website remains secure.

Cons of Using IP2Location Country Blocker

IP2Location Country Blocker – Limited Customization Options: IP2Location Country Blocker does not offer a wide range of customization options. Users are unable to configure the plugin according to their needs because of the limited customization options. This means that users need to rely on the pre-configured options and cannot change settings such as the visual design, enable/disable certain features, or adjust the networks or regions being blocked.

IP2Location Country Blocker – Restricts Entire Countries: The IP2Location Country Blocker is not the most accurate tool for geo-blocking as it will restrict access for entire countries, potentially stopping legitimate traffic from entering a user’s website. This type of plugin should only be used as a last resort for blocking potential attackers while allowing legitimate customers to enter.

IP2Location Country Blocker – Not as Accurate as Other Options: IP2Location Country Blocker does not use the most accurate methods for geo-blocking as the plugin doesn’t take into account a user’s IP address. It can be easily circumvented by those who are knowledgeable enough to manipulate their IP address. Additionally, the plugin relies on a static database which is not updated as frequently as other options.

IP2Location Country Blocker – No Logging Features: IP2Location Country Blocker does not offer any logging features which can be problematic for users who want to understand who is trying to access their website. Without a log feature, users are unable to track the attempted access from potential attackers and review the information for future prevention.

IP2Location Country Blocker – Potentially Disruptive to Website: The IP2Location Country Blocker has the potential to be disruptive to a website’s performance as the plugin is always running in the background. This can cause the website to lag or take longer to load which may lead to a negative user experience and lost visitors. Additionally, the plugin can impact the security of the website if is not configured correctly.

84% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

IP2Location Country Blocker is an effective tool for WordPress webmasters to protect their sites from malicious users and hackers. It is easy to install and use, and provides detailed information on each blocked IP address or country. It works by creating a geo-blocked access control list that can be manually blocked or whitelisted, helping to protect the user’s website from unauthorized access. Additionally, the “Country Alert” feature monitors the website traffic and provides notifications when suspicious activity is detected, making it a great tool for webmasters that worry about their website’s security.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.33.5
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 4.6+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Use Case 1: Protect Website from Spam Bot
    The IP2Location Country Blocker WordPress plugin can be used to protect a website from spam bots and prevent malicious content from being posted on the website. The plugin uses the latest country IP and geolocation database to detect the location of any incoming requests. This enables the WordPress website to easily control country access to its content, where visitors from specific countries are out of the picture. This ensures that all postings and accesses from countries that are suspicious, or considered to be a source of spam, will be screened out and blocked from access to the website. This Cybersecurity plugin is a great way to ensure that your website is safe from spam and malicious activity.
  • Use Case 2: Secure E-Commerce Store from Unauthorized Transactions
  • Use Case 3: Monitor Traffic from Specific Countries
  • Use Case 4: Filter Out Unwanted Countries
  • Use Case 5: Create Unique User Experience for Every Country
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