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The Custom Elementor Icons WordPress plugin provides a library of custom icons that are easy to use with Elementor widgets. Use the icons to add extra visuals to your web page design.
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Custom Elementor Icons: A Comprehensive Review

Custom Elementor Icons is a WordPress plugin created to assist website developers, designers, and content creators in easily adding icons to Elementor pages and posts. Icons add visual appeal and clarity to web content, and this plugin provides users with an easy way to access and implement appropriate icon options into their pages. The plugins comes with both free and premium options, and can be used on both Elementor Free and Elementor Pro versions. With so much available in just one plugin, website administrators and content producers alike can create and maintain pages with additional dynamic interest.

Custom Elementor Icons: Breakdown

The Custom Elementor Icons plugin enables users to import various SVG, JS, and CSS icons and customize how they look or how they are used. With access to thousands of free icons to choose from, users can add basic icons like arrows or complex visuals like branding icons to their site’s content. With the ability to adjust the color, font size, and positioning of each icon, they can be adjusted to fit any style. Elementor Pro users can also use animations and icons with one click to add motion and interest to a page. For ease of use, the plugin library is searchable by keyword or category, allowing users to quickly find the right icon.

Additionally, Custom Elementor Icons makes it easy to access both Font Awesome and Pixabay’s vast library of icons. Website creators can use the面 Premium Icons pack to access 1400 additional icons, and a library of both premium and free icon sets is constantly expanding to meet designers’ needs. With this expansive library, and the countless edit options available, icons will always look unique and attractive on pages.

Finally, Custom Elementor Icons is backend compatible, allowing website operators to efficiently manage the plugin’s settings and review their use of icons on pages. This ensures compatibility with each site’s privacy settings as well as allowing users to monitor when icons might need replacing or changing.

Pros of Using Custom Elementor Icons

Efficient Use Of Screen Real Estate: The Custom Elementor Icons WordPress plugin allows users to quickly and conveniently customize the appearance of their website’s interface by creating their own custom icons. This has the potential to be immensely helpful in terms of creating the look of the interface without consuming much screen real estate

Flexible And Intuitive Creation Process: Creating custom icons with the Custom Elementor Icons WordPress plugin is easy and straightforward. It allows the user to customize the icons to their exact specifications using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Once created, the icons can be inserted into the interface of the website with a single click

Reduce Loading Time: The Custom Elementor Icons WordPress plugin allows users to customize the appearance of their website without having to load extra image data. This can significantly reduce page loading times and make the website feel more fluid and responsive

Visually Appealing Icons: The Custom Elementor Icons WordPress plugin gives users access to an extensive library of icon designs. This allows them to quickly and easily create icons that are aesthetically pleasing without having to create them from scratch

Responsive Icon Design: The use of a responsive design for the Custom Elementor Icons WordPress plugin offers users the potential to ensure that their icons look good on all screen sizes. This can be of particular benefit to those who want icons that are visually appealing and universally legible on all devices

Cons of Using Custom Elementor Icons

Custom Elementor Icons Lack Flexibility: One of the major cons of using the Custom Elementor Icons WordPress plugin is the lack of flexibility. The plugin only allows users to upload their own icon style and color, which makes it less versatile than some other available icon plugins. Some users may find the plugin to be too limiting when compared to other options available.

Incompatibility with Other Plugins: Another downside of using the Custom Elementor Icons plugin is the potential for incompatibility with other third-party plugins. Because of the plugin’s reliance on the Elementor platform, some other third-party plugins may not be fully compatible. This can lead to conflicts and errors that can be time-consuming and difficult to troubleshoot.

Inability to Scale Icons: The plugin also does not provide users with the ability to scale icons, which can be a problem if users are producing content on a larger scale. This can limit the user’s ability to produce professional-looking content, making the plugin less useful to those who need to create larger projects.

Does Not Support Web Fonts: The plugin does not currently support web fonts, which can be a major drawback for those who require the ability to use web fonts for their projects. Without the support of web fonts, users who need them within the project are unable to properly use the plugin.

Icons Can Be Difficult to Find: Finally, the icons that are available through the plugin can be difficult to find. The plugin does not offer a convenient search feature, which means that users may end up spending time searching through the extensive list of available icons to find what they need.

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In conclusion

Adding custom icons to web pages and posts is essential to creating visual interest and clarity in website content. The Custom Elementor Icons plugin provides users with access to thousands of high quality and customizable icons, saving time and resources for design and content developers. With extensive libraries of customizable icons, and the ease of implementation through Elementor, websites can be updated quickly with beautiful, visually appealing icon additions. For web developers, designers, and content creators, Custom Elementor Icons is an indispensable tool for building attractive and unique web pages and posts.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.0.5
  • Last Updated: 2 years ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 4.6+
  • Tested Until: 5.6.12
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Business Proposals
    Custom Elementor Icons allows you to add unique icons to your business proposal presentations to help draw attention to areas of the proposal that need emphasis or to highlight key points. It can be used if you need to reiterate a point in order for it to be properly remembered and understood by the receiver. With its range of different shapes and colors, Custom Elementor Icons can help create a visual aid which helps make a stronger impression than if it were in plain text.
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