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Admin Columns is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables you to easily customize and manage your site's columns, making it easier to organize, list, and manage data. It provides a user-friendly and flexible interface to control a wide range of columns and custom types.
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Very highly recommended!

Admin Columns: A Comprehensive Review

Admin Columns is a powerful and feature-packed WordPress plugin designed to simplify and streamline WordPress admin columns. With its many features, it can provide an arsenal of useful tools for managing and organizing data, such as custom columns, custom field columns, filtering and sorting, and much more. Whether you’re a blogger, an eCommerce store owner, or a developer, Admin Columns can help you quickly and easily take your WordPress admin area to the next level.

Admin Columns: Breakdown

Settings page for Post(type) columns.

Admin Columns works by allowing website admins to customize the columns show in their content. This is especially helpful in sites with lots of information like blogs, eCommerce stores, and other sites that need to be managed from an admin dashboard. While WordPress already provides some column options on the admin pages for posts, pages, categories, and others, these are often not enough and not customizable. Admin Columns allows users to choose and customize which columns appear on their admin dashboards, making it easy to manage information quickly and easily.

Admin Columns also works with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), allowing users to add custom columns so they can add and customize data from custom fields. Admin Columns also integrates well with WooCommerce and other eCommerce stores, so users can add columns to the WooCommerce order page such as order status, order notes, and payment information. Additionally, it is also compatible with almost any WordPress plugin.

In terms of usability, Admin Columns provides useful tools like sorting, searching, and filtering for easy navigation. It also comes with a powerful drag and drop feature, so users can reorder and resize columns in the blink of an eye. The plugin also includes conditional column labels, which can be used to show different information depending on the conditions.

Admin Columns also has a robust settings section where users can easily set preferences to suit their workflow. It includes settings such as quick edit, inline editing, auto-widths, and more.

Finally, Admin Columns has a wide range of features and options. Users can easily customize column widths, display different content types, and display images in the columns. It also has helpful export functions so users can export the results for further analysis.

Pros of Using Admin Columns

Customizable Columns: Admin Columns allows users to customize the columns of their admin pages in a very intuitive way. Columns can be created with custom labels, order and visibility, allowing anyone to tailor their own columns to their preferences.

Simple Configuration: The admin columns plugin has a simple configuration, and setting up columns to display is a simple and straightforward process. Changes can be made easily, with the user just needing to drag and drop the different elements to set their preferences.

Flexible Content Display: Admin columns is very versatile in terms of what content it can display. It can show data from custom fields and taxonomies in addition to the default WordPress content like Posts or pages. This gives the user a variety of content to display in their columns, without the hassle of coding custom columns.

Intuitive User Experience: Admin columns has an intuitive user interface and navigation. It also provides helpful tooltips to help users quickly understand all the features. It also displays a preview of the columns, which allows users to quickly see the changes they have made before applying them.

Speed and Performance: Admin columns has easy-to-use caching and performance optimization features. This ensures that changes are quickly applied and content is quickly displayed, allowing for a faster user experience and more efficient use of server resources.

Cons of Using Admin Columns

Cluttered and Unreadable Layout: Admin Columns can easily become cluttered making it difficult and tedious to read. There are occasions where there are way too many columns and this could distract from the content.

Incompatible with Other Plugins: Admin Columns might not always be compatible with other installed plugins on the WordPress website. This can lead to unexpected errors as well as general compatibility issues.

Highly Restrictive: The content added by Admin Columns is very restrictive and does not provide the same level of customization as some other plugins. This could severely limit the type of content that you can add to your WordPress website.

Difficult Setup and Installation: Setting up Admin Columns is not always straightforward and often involves making changes to several areas. The setup and installation process could be quite tedious if you are not familiar with it.

High Cost: Admin Columns is quite an expensive plugin, considering the other plugins available which provide the same level of functionality. This could be prohibitive to some users, especially those running small WordPress websites.

98% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Admin Columns is a great plugin to have in your WordPress toolkit. It makes managing content in the WordPress admin area a breeze by providing custom columns, sorting, searching, filtering, and more. With its many features and options, website admins can easily and quickly organize and manage their data. It is also compatible with almost any WordPress plugin so users can rest assured that it will work with the plugins they are using. If you need an effective and reliable plugin to manage content in your WordPress admin area, Admin Columns is the perfect choice.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 4.6.1
  • Last Updated: 10 months ago
  • Installs: 100,000+
  • WP Version: 4.7.1+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: 7.2 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Custom Sorting
    Admin Columns makes it easy to set up custom sorting on your frontend posts so that visitors to your website are able to find the information they need quickly. This makes it easy for you to order posts according to whichever criteria you want, whether it be by date, rating, title, or whatever other criteria you deem important. In addition, you can set up custom sorting options, like manually dragging and dropping posts into the desired order, adding sortable columns to your table, and setting up secondary sorting settings.
  • Custom Filtering
  • Custom Columns
  • Export/Import
  • Grouping and Tabs
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