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Auto Post Scheduler is the ultimate WordPress plugin to schedule & publish your posts automatically. Automatically create and post content to multiple social media channels like Facebook and Twitter with the help of its social media integration feature. Save precious time and effort by scheduling posts beforehand.
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Auto Post Scheduler: A Comprehensive Review

As the name implies, the Auto Post Scheduler is a WordPress plugin that allows users to automatically schedule blog posts and page updates. This plugin is an invaluable tool for keeping your website up to date with fresh material and providing visitors with the latest news and information. The Auto Post Scheduler makes it easy to manage multiple posts and pages, ensuring that they are published according to a regular schedule.

Auto Post Scheduler: Breakdown

The admin options.

The Auto Post Scheduler is a great way to keep your WordPress site up-to-date with regularly published content. This plugin automates the process of scheduling and publishing posts and pages on a regular basis. It can be used to schedule posts to publish on specific dates and times, as well as to override the default post visibility settings for certain posts.

The plugin also offers a range of features and options that allow you to customize the scheduling process to your needs. For instance, the Auto Post Scheduler allows you to enable automatic posting notifications, customize post titles and descriptions, and even add additional content to existing posts. Furthermore, you can also set specific categories for posts, so that each post can be published in the correct category.

The Auto Post Scheduler can be used to schedule post drafts, page revisions, and scheduled posts in advance. This allows you to manage both short-term and long-term content scheduling. The plugin also allows you to save post drafts as drafts or unpublished posts. Additionally, the Auto Post Scheduler has a set of customizable templates, which can be used to quickly and easily create a post with predefined values.

Pros of Using Auto Post Scheduler

Time and Energy Saver: Using the Auto Post Scheduler WordPress plugin is an excellent way to save time and energy when managing multiple posts on a website. By setting up a post schedule, the plugin will automatically post on the platform at designated times, eliminating any need for manual input. As such, website owners and operators can spend more time on content creation and other website management tasks, rather than spending time managing post schedules.

Better Content Management: The Auto Post Scheduler WordPress plugin helps with better content management. By setting up post schedules, website owners and operators can better organize published content on their platform. This strategy can help to ensure better visibility and a better overall website experience for users. In addition, post schedules also help to avoid conflicts in post times.

More Accurate Record-keeping: Keeping accurate records of posted content is a must for website owners and operators. With the Auto Post Scheduler WordPress plugin, owners and operators can quickly and easily access a list of all of their posts. This makes content reconciliation easy and can help to ensure that a website is using the posts they intended to be using.

Customization: One of the great features of the Auto Post Scheduler WordPress plugin is its high level of customization. Website owners and operators can dictate exact dates and times for post publication. They can also set the intervals of post publication, and customize those intervals accordingly. This allows website owners and operators to tailor their post schedule to best fit their platform and their audience.

Easy Installation: The Auto Post Scheduler WordPress plugin is easy to install. Website owners and operators can quickly and easily download the plugin onto their platform, allowing them to begin customizing the post schedule within minutes. This makes the plugin a great choice for websites that need to quickly set up post schedules for their content.

Cons of Using Auto Post Scheduler

No Bulk Scheduling Capabilities: The Auto Post Scheduler plugin does not provide any bulk scheduling functionality, which means that each individual post must be scheduled manually. This can be quite tedious and time consuming if you need to schedule a large number of posts.

No Real Time Updates: The Auto Post Scheduler plugin does not provide any real time updates regarding the status of your scheduled posts. You will need to manually check the status of your posts to ensure that they have been properly scheduled and published on time.

No Cross-Platform Support: The Auto Post Scheduler plugin does not provide cross-platform support, so if you need to manage multiple websites from different platforms, this plugin is not suitable.

No Customization Options: The Auto Post Scheduler plugin does not provide any customization options. This means that you cannot customize the appearance of the plugin or the way it functions, which can be quite limiting.

No Integrations: The Auto Post Scheduler plugin does not offer any integrations with other services or plugins. This means that you are limited to managing your posts from within the plugin itself, which can be inconvenient.

98% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Auto Post Scheduler is an extremely useful WordPress plugin, as it provides the ability to easily automate the scheduling of posts and pages on your website. This plugin takes away the need to manually create each post or page on a schedule, and its customization options give website owners the ability to tailor the scheduling of posts and pages to their needs. With its range of features, the Auto Post Scheduler is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to keep their WordPress website up-to-date with the latest content.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.83
  • Last Updated: 10 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 3.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Generating Recurring Posts to Maximize Visibility
    Auto Post Scheduler is an ideal solution for WordPress users who need to consistently publish content in order to maximize visibility. It enables them to create new posts with the same content at regular intervals, so that most of their audience can access the information. This is a great solution for anyone who works in fields such as eCommerce, where maintaining a consistent presence is crucial. Additionally, setting up an automatic scheduler helps save valuable time, allowing users to focus on other important tasks related to their business.
  • Staying Within Seasonal Marking Trends
  • Organizing Content for Different Audiences
  • Creating Ads for Promotional Campaigns
  • Scheduling Social Media Posts in Bulk
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