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Advanced Permalinks is a WordPress plugin that enhances user experience by keeping permalinks and URLs intact after page edits and post drafts are published. It makes sure that the URLs that users share, bookmark, or link to remain intact.
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Advanced Permalinks: A Comprehensive Review

Advanced Permalinks is a WordPress plugin that helps users create and manage clean and organized permalink structures for their websites. The plugin improves WordPress’s capabilities for editing individual post and page URLs, allowing the site to be more SEO friendly and user friendly. For bloggers and business owners looking to increase their website’s visibility, SEO optimization, and user experience, Advanced Permalinks is a great way to do all of this and more.

Advanced Permalinks: Breakdown

Configure extra permalinks

Advanced Permalinks is an incredibly helpful plugin for those looking to increase their website’s SEO performance and enhance their user experience. As soon as you download and install the plugin, its simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy to get used to and start managing your permalinks. With the plugin, you can easily customize and update the slug of each page and post. It also allows you to reset and re-write your URLs quickly and easily. Additionally, Advanced Permalinks provides you with the ability to create 301 redirects, which can help maintain website traffic following the switch in URLs.

The plugin also offers a myriad of features to help streamline the process of managing and organizing URL slugs. It allows you to set and follow a consistent and uniform permalink structure. You can also set up pattern-based rules for multi-level page and post slugs, providing an organized and unified look and feel for your website. The plugin’s detailed settings enable you to control and customize how your URLs are managed. If you’re looking for a sleek and efficient way of managing your post and page URLs, Advanced Permalinks is the perfect tool for your website.

Pros of Using Advanced Permalinks

Enhanced Usability: Using ''Advanced Permalinks'' helps WordPress users create URLs that are easier to remember, are more SEO-friendly, and simpler to adjust if needed. This plugin allows you to customize the structure of the URLs that are generated for individual pages and posts, making them look cleaner, more organized and easier to navigate.

Analytics Assistance: The ''Advanced Permalinks'' plugin also offers an integrated analytics dashboard that helps WordPress users to gain deep insights into their website’s traffic, helping them to better understand the performance of their website and how it’s serving their visitors and customers.

Better Organization: The plugin also comes with an easy-to-use user interface which makes it simple to organize your posts and pages on your WordPress website. This feature helps to keep your website organized in the long run and makes it easier to navigate and find the content you need quickly and accurately.

Simplicity: The ''Advanced Permalinks'' plugin is a simple way of managing the inbound and outbound links on your website. It’s an easy-to-use plugin that helps to keep your website’s permalinks neat and organized, while also helping to ensure that the internal links of your website remain up to date.

Maximize SEO: One of the biggest advantages of using ''Advanced Permalinks'' is its ability to maximize your website’s SEO potential. The more organized and optimized your website’s internal links are, the higher your website’s SEO performance will be. The plugin also allows for rich text formatting, making it easy to customize and improve the SEO of your pages and posts.

Cons of Using Advanced Permalinks

No Option for Customizing Permalinks: Advanced Permalinks does not give you access to options that allow you to customize the permalinks according to your individual needs and preferences. This can be a major drawback for those users who would prefer to have this degree of control over their permalinks.

Limited Support for Older WordPress Versions: Although Advanced Permalinks works with more recent versions of WordPress, there is a lack of support available for users of older versions of WordPress. This could be a problem for those who are still using an older version of WordPress, or for those who are unable to upgrade to the more recent version.

Redirects not Supported: Advanced Permalinks does not support the creation of redirects, so users who would like to redirect their URLs to a specified destination will need to use an additional plugin to achieve that.

No Option to Generate Archive Permalinks: Advanced Permalinks does not have any options for generating custom permalinks for archives. This could be problematic for those who are hoping to create a custom link structure for their archives, as they will need to rely on additional plugins for this functionality.

No Optional Categories Permalinking Option: Advanced Permalinks does not offer any way to change the permalink structure of categories. This could be an issue for those who are hoping to adjust the structure of their categories or lay out their URL structure in a more organized way.

54% Recommended!

In conclusion

Advanced Permalinks is a WordPress plugin that offers a powerful and user-friendly way to manage post and page URLs. With its simple user interface, customizable settings, and powerful features, it provides users with an organized and organized way of managing and optimizing their URLs for SEO purposes. Whether you are a blogger looking to maximize their online visibility, or a business owner trying to optimize their website’s performance, Advanced Permalinks is an invaluable tool for WordPress users.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 0.1.21
  • Last Updated: 12 years ago
  • Installs: 700+
  • WP Version: 2.0+
  • Tested Until: 2.9.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Adding Custom Link Slug To Posts
    Advanced Permalinks allows you to define a custom link slug that your website can use when posting your blog posts. This means you can define your own specific Link Text or URL address which will show up in the browser’s address bar when a user loads your post. Advanced Permalinks will also add a redirect element to ensure link compatibility and link sharing.
  • Creating Shortlinks for Posts
  • Editing Canonical URLs
  • Automatically Redirecting Links
  • Adding Custom Query Parameters, Anchors, and NoFollow Attributes
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