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Advanced Contact Form 7 DB is an essential WordPress plugin that improves the user experience of Contact Form 7 by saving and managing form entries with custom database tables and offering a detailed overview of form activity. It extends Contact Form 7 and makes forms more efficient and secure.
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Very highly recommended!

Advanced Contact form 7 DB: A Comprehensive Review

Advanced Contact Form 7 DB (ACF7DB) is an incredibly useful plugin for WordPress users. It is a professional, secure, and easy-to-use contact form plugin for WordPress that allows webmasters to save contact form entries directly to WordPress database - no advanced programming skills required. ACF7DB has been specifically designed to work with WordPress and be easy to setup and maintain. With its simple setup and intuitive control panel, users can quickly and easily create customized forms to fit their needs.

Advanced Contact form 7 DB: Breakdown

Display form related records.

ACF7DB is easily integrated with the popular Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress, adding an extra layer of security and versatility. ACF7DB can be used for managing inquiries, customer suggestions, feedback, resumes, bookings, contact information, leads, sales and much more – all seamlessly integrated with Contact Form 7. As entries are automatically saved into WordPress database, they can be organized and managed easily and securely. Moreover, the plugin also keeps the user logged in so that they can control their data in a more user-friendly manner.

Aside from these essential features, ACF7DB also comes equipped with a powerful dashboard which provides an easy and intuitive way to manage and control data. This dashboard allows users to view the data in a variety of formats such as tables, grids, charts, and lists. Users have the ability to customize the display of data, export it to a file, and search through it effectively. Furthermore, the plugin also offers comprehensive privacy settings to ensure that user data is secure and private.

Another great feature of ACF7DB is the AJAX search which allows for quick and easy searches of entries in the database. This makes it easy to quickly find the information that you are looking for and allows for effective use of the data. In addition, ACF7DB also includes email notifications so that users can receive automatic emails when new entries are added to the database.

Pros of Using Advanced Contact form 7 DB

Easy To Use.: Advanced Contact Form 7 DB is one of the most user-friendly plugins available for WordPress. It has a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to easily configure their contact forms and settings. Furthermore, users can quickly add custom fields, limit the number of submissions, and process data all within the same tool.

Data Security.: When processing sensitive information, it is essential to have data security. Advanced Contact Form 7 DB provides a secure connection between the database and the form, and encrypts data to help strengthen security measures. Additionally, the plugin provides additional security measures like data life cycle management and auto-deletion after submission.

Integration with Email Marketing.: Advanced Contact Form 7 DB makes it easy to integrate your contact forms with your existing email service providers. You can easily add fields to capture emails for marketing and send automated notifications to your customers. You can also customize the forms and follow-up emails to ensure they are branded with your own logo and branding.

Automatic Updates.: Advanced Contact Form 7 DB includes automated updates to ensure that your forms are always up to date with the newest features and bug fixes. This is a great way to ensure that any vulnerabilities are caught and patched quickly, so you don’t have to worry about security problems in your forms.

Responsive Design.: Advanced Contact Form 7 DB is designed to look great on any device. Whether on a mobile, tablet, or desktop, your forms will look and function perfectly. The plugin also features customizable themes, so your forms can fit in perfectly with the look of your website.

Cons of Using Advanced Contact form 7 DB

Performance Issues: Though the plugin works smoothly in most scenarios, it comes with a set of performance issues. Even if you are using the lightest contact forms, the Advanced Contact Form 7 DB plugin’s loading speed is still rather slow. This can be very inconvenient for people who have a slow internet connection, as the contact form data takes a long time to load.

Compatibility Issues: The Advanced Contact Form 7 DB plugin is not compatible with all WordPress themes or plugins. This means that if your WordPress website uses a specific plugin (or specific version of the plugin) that's incompatible with this plugin, you may have trouble getting it to work correctly. It is important to do some research concerning the compatibility of your theme and the plugin before installing it.

Usability Issues: While the plugin works well once you’ve set it up, the complexity of setting it up can be a bit daunting. The Advanced Contact Form 7 DB plugin requires you to have an understanding of code and HTML, and the user interface doesn't make learning the plugin intuitive. This can make it time consuming and difficult for someone who's unfamiliar with the plugin to get started.

Data Loss Risk: When using the Advanced Contact Form 7 DB Plugin, it is important to be vigilant about backing up your data. If something goes wrong, or if the plugin breaks, there is a risk of losing the data that you have stored. As such, it is prudent to have a backup plan in place in case of any potential data loss events.

Limited Functionality: The Advanced Contact Form 7 DB Plugin is limited in terms of the features and functionality that it has. For instance, it does not come with any built-in automated responses to contact form submissions. As such, you will need to manually enter responses each time a contact form is filled out, which can be quite a time consuming and tedious process.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

In short, ACF7DB is an incredibly useful and versatile plugin for WordPress users. It allows them to quickly and easily receive and manage contact form entries in a secure and user-friendly manner. Furthermore, the comprehensive dashboard, AJAX search capabilities, and email notifications make it an ideal choice for any WordPress website. With its easy setup and intuitive control panel, ACF7DB is the perfect plugin for webmasters looking to streamline their contact form management and maximize the efficiency of their WordPress databases.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Last Updated: 9 months ago
  • Installs: 90,000+
  • WP Version: 4.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.2.3
  • PHP Version: 7.4 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • E-commerce Site Forms
    Advanced Contact Form 7 DB helps e-commerce sites to quickly capture customer feedback in an efficient way. The plugin offers customization options to create custom forms with unique questions specific to the service or product. It also supports automated reply system to customers which makes it easy to keep track of customer inquiries. Compatible with WooCommerce, the plugin helps to create contact forms such as order inquiry forms, payment forms, general queries, and more.
  • Content Publishing Site Forms
  • Employment Portal Forms
  • Product Review Site Forms
  • Charity Site Forms
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